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Rejection Hurts, God!

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Have you ever been rejected? Maybe you have been told you aren’t the perfect fit for something. How does it feel when you put your best foot forward to obtain something and the door closes quickly? Have you ever been replaced by someone else? Maybe you are truly needing a window of opportunity because everything else has come to a close. It hurts!

The LORD knows our struggles and He definitely comprehends rejection-to the point of death! Our worldly trials are nothing compared to what He faced. Yet, somehow rejection pain stings like the strike of a scorpion. Why? Possibly because of fear of the future and the mental unknown—maybe caused from us planning our own future and seeing our life the way we want it to go. (Guilty. I often want some kind of input in the equation and I truly dislike doing things I don’t enjoy. ME! ME! ME!)

God has an answer for every rejection we face. However, there are times we don’t understand it nor do we love the situation. It is very easy to go down the pity party pathway and feel like everyone else in the world experiences success except you. That is a lie from the enemy. He is a jerk!

Recently, I have had to face rejection. I truly went to the LORD and asked for His perspective. (He knew I couldn’t rely on my own!) As I sat reading the first chapter of Jeremiah, I found myself captivated by what the LORD was revealing to me.

God laid out His plans for Jeremiah but Jeremiah was afraid of his future. Fear of the unknown. He knew rejection would be his and the world would claim “good reasons” not to listen to him as he claimed God’s prophecy. He went to the LORD with his concerns. Jeremiah noted his weaknesses. He felt unqualified and too unexperienced for the task God had directed. Doubt and fear began to rise.

As I read through chapter one, I found myself in the Scripture. Rejected by the world and feeling as though I can’t meet set standards. Feeling as though the next decade is a career path I don’t want to travel, yet I can’t wait to see where God takes the Refining ministry.

So, I pause…laid my heart open to the Father and said, “Rejection Hurts, God!”. And He gently responded through Scripture in chapter one of Jeremiah:

  1. I have your back! verse 8: “Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.
  2. My plans will happen! verse 12: The Lord said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.”
  3. I will provide & protect you! Verse 19: They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.

If you are dealing with rejection, go to God. Dig deep into His Word and ask for His discernment to shine through Scripture. Give yourself a chance to see your story through biblical characters and read several chapters of their experience.

Remember, Psalm 23 and 91 are great starting points to reject the lies of the enemy and to help you see your circumstance through the LORD’s eyes.

Rejection hurts but GOD IS. . .

(May you find the rest of this statement through God’s Word in the days ahead.)

Until we meet again my friend.

6 thoughts on “Rejection Hurts, God!

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement here today! I have felt the sting of rejection many times, trusting God with those feelings is hard, but remembering Jesus was despised and rejected of men helps. Who better to comfort us?


  2. You came to my mind today as I was driving back to Canyon from taking Andrew home (after TOP GUN movie.) I don’t do much with him so Ken and I made the effort to do this with him (we send Daniel, Trevor and Emma to Camp Blue Haven but with Andrew’s “issues” he doesn’t ever go to camp. I’m glad he’s spending more time with John and Lexi.)

    So, as I was driving on Washington and passed Sendora, you came to mind, and then I got home and was reading emails. This article that I’ve just read that was written by you was excellent. You take the rejection, the hurt, and the sadness…and you look to God for HIS lessons and knowing that He has your future planned and ready. Great lessons from Jeremiah!

    Emma was having a rough evening (she’s in San Antonio for the whole month of June but her Dad’s back in the oil field 2 weeks and she’s having to stay with the other relatives.) Ken has been in his chair all day except for meeting us at the theater…and our Friday morning breakfast people.

    Larry Simons (Happy) was injured yesterday in a farm accident…and then died of a heart attack.

    Our country is so divided and in an uproar about the supreme court’s decision…and I was furious with Biden when he condemned their work and furious with Maxine Waters to said, “To Hell with the Supreme Court!” Fewer and fewer believe in the sanctity of life, and our school boards have allowed too much “woke” into our schools and porn into our libraries.

    Genna, all of these things are enough to lead us into total despair, and yet, we just keep walking by FAITH. Step by step.

    Love you, Janet

    Janet Crossland Sent from my iPhone



  3. Genna, did you know you were talking directly to me today? Well you were. I’m facing rejection from my children. This really touched and resonates with me today. I appreciate your words and insights and encouragement within. Blessings.


    1. Rejection from your children is heartbreaking and cuts deep. Don’t give up on the power of the LORD. Find ways to continue to pray for them. I bought the book “Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children” and have poured my heart out many times as I read pages of the book. Rejection stings and often leaves scars. I pray that God’s healing finds you in such a mighty way that His joy fills your heart. Thank you for your kind words. God loves you and sees your pain. Big hugs my friend.

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