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Wisdom when you hear yourself say, “OH NO! I have Bible study tonight!”

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Have you ever attended a Bible study feeling unprepared? Have you skipped out because you were not able to get everything read? How about those Bible study groups where you just quit showing up because the workbook was never cracked open or a big life crisis reared its ugly head? Or maybe you had to miss one, so you used this as an excuse to miss the rest. “Sorry, I’m Busy!” (This is probably only the beginning to the ones I have used over the years!)

Whatever the case, let’s be honest, the enemy wants you to NOT participate! Did you hear me? He doesn’t even want you thinking about it nor remembering you were even a part of a Bible study. Why else would you have all these outs or excuses?

If you want to be very intentional about seeking the LORD, there will be roadblocks. AND, some good wisdom must be coming from the discussions in your Bible study group or the enemy would not try so hard to keep you from attending. God is there and He desires for you to be there too!

Relax-we all have excuses & outs. However, we must address the source. SO, when you feel behind or less of a participant STOP YOURSELF and claim these five truths over your situation:

  • God loves me PERIOD!
  • God sees my efforts when I just show up to class
  • My pace of learning and reading is my own
  • Every step I take in seeking the LORD is valuable
  • The LORD is always with me regardless of where I find myself in the progression of a Bible study

Then take ownership of you:

  • Keep showing up to class
  • Read at your pace
  • Ask God to help you stay committed & moving forward in His Word

Remember, those excuses and roadblocks are not from God.

If you are in a Bible study currently or beginning one, pray! Pray for focused, intentional time. Ask the LORD to clear your calendar for those meeting times (even if you didn’t finish the weekly work or readings). Pray for a hedge of protection over your entire participation in the study. If you can, call someone else in the study group and ask them to be your accountability partner. Prepare ahead of time for the obstacles because they will come!

Then-commit. Pray for the leaders of your Bible study. Make an action plan and get started. Remember, you can succeed, and you are never behind if you are showing up and making small steps every day by staying in His Word and building relationship with HIM!

Change it & Claim it-

“OH YES! I have Bible study tonight. I cannot wait for the wisdom God will reveal.”

How to Weed-out the enemy!

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. (Colossians 3:2)

Annual weeds, biennial weeds, and perennial weeds—They ALL frustrate me! Those annoying garden enemies drain my happiness and take up my time. Our beautiful flowers, shrubs, vegetable plants, and herbs lack encouragement and attention because I am focused on the invading schemes of the weeds! No doubt-they get more attention than they deserve but, I refuse to let them prevail.

How often have you allowed the enemy’s plots to derail your faith and focus? The lies, fears, and flat-out conspiracies can engulf life quickly. It takes a purposeful plan of intentional living to annihilate the devil’s ploys much like deliberately eradicating those pesky weeds in the yard.

So, how can we eradicate the “weeds” of the enemy without losing focus on the Lord? It is not easy to keep our thoughts on God when the “earthly things” begin to choke out our heavenly vision.

  1. Identify the enemy – Weeds will not go away on their own. Those selfish suckers want to take over, soak up all the moisture, and ingest every surrounding nutrient. If you do not identify them and deal with the issue, they will continue to flourish. Sound familiar? Ignoring the strategies of the enemy will not make them dissipate. Call the adversary out by name! Deal with it! Claim God’s power over the enemy.
  2. Practice maintenance – Safeguarding a yard from wretched weeds takes routine prevention. Pre-emergent plans have to begin months prior to the arrival of the antagonists. Lawn experts have to “get ahead of the game” to ensure some control over the war. In order to keep the enemy at bay, we have to do the same. It takes daily preservation through prayer, studying and infusing Scripture, and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead.
  3. Nurture goodness – Dealing with the weeds can rob your joy. It is easy to forget to “stop and smell the roses”. Make time to praise the Lord and thank Him for His goodness, protection, grace, love, faithfulness, joy, hope, mercy, devotion, steadfastness, presence, eternal promises, provisions, etc. Extend His attributes to those around you without bias or partiality. Build up others and feed into them. Help their roots spread and eventually choke out the enemy.
  4. Use the right tools – There are numerous tools on the market with promising results. The best ones are those that “get to the root”. The Lord has given us two helpmates-His Word and the Holy Spirit. God wants us skilled in using His sword and relying upon the Holy Spirit. We have to get to the root of our problems and issues by using His tools. So, declare the enemy powerless and saturate his plans with death-defining means through implementing the right God-given devices.

Weed-out the enemy. Remember, there are better things requiring your attention and focus. Satan has no place in your garden of life. Let God grow you to your full potential.  

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as you reward.

(Colossians 3:23-24)

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