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BOOK REVIEW: Talking With God

Webb, A. (2017). Talking with God. New York: Waterbrook.


The author is the founder and pastor of Embrace church. The book focuses on prayer and its purpose. Weber emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with God and defines prayer as simply carrying on a basic conversation. Many life experiences are used to support his stance. The author delivers the information as a practical guide to assist the reader in becoming comfortable and familiar with talking with God. Readers are given precise examples of conversations that are brief and honest throughout each chapter. His approach to delivering the content is organized into primarily three main sections: defining God, the reasons for prayer, how to pray when we experience seven different areas. Weber uses several personal stories to convey his point in the majority of the chapters. Each chapter begins with a quote from various people such as C.S. Lewis and Charles Spurgeon. The field notes have bible references although scripture is not prevailing throughout the book. The dominant message is “Just talk with God”.   

My $.02:

I grabbed this book to supplement my current writings when I saw that Craig Groeschel recommended it. There are three and a half pages of recommendations found at the beginning of the book. Weber is a humble writer and very transparent. He has several personal stories that touched my heart. My main take-away was a statement he made about most followers. The point was we do a lot of talking ABOUT God but not enough talking TO God. All of the dialogue examples italicized in the text were appropriate to give readers a good sense of how to carry on a conversation with God. They exemplified asking questions, praising, requesting, surrendering, etc. when chatting with the Lord.  I really enjoyed his honesty displayed in the illustrations of prayer. For instance, when Weber discusses the topic of extending grace, he addresses the lingering hurt. “God, I give this person over to you again today. I’m still hurting. Help me to extend grace. Jesus, I thought I was past the anger. Past the bitterness. Past these feelings. I need your grace because I have none to give.” Wow! Have you ever needed to say those words to God? I sure have! I appreciate the closing of the book. “Jesus, I want to know you. Jesus, I want to be with you. Jesus, I love you. Jesus, I want to talk with you for the rest of my life.”

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