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Crank up the AMPS

In Your Memory SCJ

I am not a scientist by any shape or form but I long to have a constant current surging with the Lord. God’s Word permits me to remain connected and energized. The Bible is a living and active source if I am willing to be conducive with the authority of my heavenly Father. Through studying, meditating, praying, and infusing scripture into situations of life, I have strengthened my faith and knowledge. God’s Word has intensified my understanding of a steadfast existence and taught me not to be reliant on those wavering emotions and reactions.

There are numerous approaches to studying scripture. Like some of you, I enjoy orderliness when digesting God’s Word. However, I appreciate and embrace change at times because it often eliminates my tendency to become stagnate. Sometimes a new perception or concept stimulates deeper thinking or a different viewpoint.

Be encouraged to sample various techniques and methods while growing in and through scripture. 1 Thessalonians 2:13 reminds us that the Bible is the actual word of God and it is at work within each of us who believe in Him by faith. 2 Timothy 2:15 also encourages us to do our best in handling the word of truth. When reading and applying scripture, I think about Philippians 4:6. For me, I am convicted to surrender my perception and pray to receive God’s stance. I know His heavenly mindset will far outweigh my meager worldly thoughts.

Recently, while revamping a scripture presentation, I began thinking about the most impactful parts of studying scripture for me. I am aware that I need to be careful not to use scripture out of context and not to rely on my own viewpoint. My main concern is how the word of truth applies to me currently and how I need to live it out under God’s ruling.  

Below is a Bible study process I call AMPS. I know an amp is short for ampere which is a unit of constant electrical current. (Please don’t expect me to explain any further because this alone is pushing the limits.) So, I knew this acronym would stick in my brain because of my desire to stay connect with God. Let me know what you think and if it works for you. Blessings to all.


  • Attention
  • Meaning
  • Perspective of God
  • Saturation

Attention: There are passages of scripture or certain verses which capture our attention when reading God’s Word. The Spirit of truth prompts us to dig deeper to fully digest the message. Write down the scripture. As you write, take a closer look at each word and think about why God had the writer craft these words in such a manner.

Meaning: God’s Word is truth and our sword. However, as mature followers, the real meaning of His Word comes from focusing on the entire context. Read the entire book/chapter over and over. Consult various versions and commentaries. Study with like believers. Be firm in your knowledge to prevent deception or twisted thinking.

Perspective of God: Through prayer God gives us a heavenly perspective unlike our own. His ideas and thoughts are often foreign and take time to comprehend. He longs for a relationship with us and will reveal His thoughts as we talk with Him in prayer. Ask God to give you clarity of His Word. Then listen in faith to God’s angle and direction.  

Saturation: God desires us to put into practice what His Word declares. Infuse the passage into life circumstances and immerse life with His truth. Instill the meaning of God’s promises in ALL areas of life: despair, peace, turmoil, joy, etc. Permeate your thinking and let His truth refine your heart by surrendering it all to His authority.  

Embrace your spiritual growth journey under the refinement of a God who loves you immensely!

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  1. Wonderful thoughts. I do read & re-read chapters then ponder the meaning & pray for insights. Thanks for the powerful acronym AMPS. Love you cousin.


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