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God Word: Spiritual Dimension

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Hello sweet friends! I am glad you have stopped by today. This post begins a six weeks series regarding the six dimensions of life presented in the book One Word. These writings are crafted to deepen your God Word journey and allow the Father to impact your life on a grander scale. The goal is to strengthen the God Word process in three areas: application, accountability, and assessment by taking a closer look at each area of life.    

Let’s begin with our first priority-God. He is the ultimate goal of any God Word. May we always remember the purpose of seeking our God Word is to bring Him glory and intensify our relationship with Him. Although the authors of One Word claim it brings clarity, power, passion, and life-change, we must never lose sight of the truth-It isn’t the actual word, it is the almighty God who delivers true discernment, miraculous power, unexplainable passion, and complete transformation.

The Refining application of the book is purely defined as drawing closer to the one and only by doing everything we can to stay under His refinement for a lifetime with an eternal mindset.

Week 1: Spiritual

What does spiritual mean? It has often been defined as something relating to or affecting the spirit or soul of a human. The world has various perspectives on the subject and even deems the concept as broad.

For the sake of our God Word and purpose stated previously, spiritual is defined by our devotion to God. It is the sanctification journey, growing toward God, which is His will for our lives (1 Thessalonians 4:3a). Therefore, the spiritual dimension is solely about the Father. Dr. Charles Stanley once stated, “God’s grand plan is wrapped up in one word-Sanctification-by God, for God. To radiate the character of God and the person of Jesus Christ.”

So, in order to examine the spiritual dimension of our God Word, the focus is on developing oneness with the Lord and Savior. It is not about being “spiritual” but about being open to God’s ways, positioning ourselves in His presence, and exercising feet of obedience. It is our opportunity to exam our relationship with the Father and take the steps to develop and increase our faith.

Scot McKnight sheds some light on being spiritual when he states, “First, we need to practice the spiritual disciplines that promote presence with God…prayer, meditation and contemplations, Bible reading, and a solid diet of good Christian influences, including movies and books…Second, we need to discipline ourselves to practice acts of goodness, holiness, justice, love, compassion, and beauty…say yes to good friendships, church participations; and acts of compassion,…Third, behind it all we need to remember that we do not make ourselves holy.”

So, how is your God Word helping you intensify the spiritual dimension of life? Does it keep you ever mindful of being continually connected to God and separated from the ways of the world? Can your God Word heighten your devotion and allegiance to loving God and others? How can you apply it to your everyday life so it strengthens your spiritual walk with the Father?

Application: Application is simply taking your God Word and understanding how the Lord wants to use it to grow you spiritually over the twelve-month timeframe.

For example, my God Word is posture. Spiritually for me that means lots of things: Developing a yes posture towards the Lord. Keeping an open posture to all He has for me. Taking a stand and carrying out a no posture for unholiness (even the overuse of dark chocolate!). Positioning myself in His presence with a faith posture more consistently.

Accountability: Accountability is aligning your life with what the Bible says. It is using verses regarding the spiritual area and getting real with God and your “iron sharpens iron” friends. Let your God Word hold you accountable to doing what God needs to you do in the spiritual area of your life. For example:

  1. Loving Him-And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37
  2. Loving Others-A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; just as I have love you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35
  3. Caring out His mission-Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

Periodically chat openly with your accountability partners regarding your God Word. Use God’s measuring stick as a conversation starter. Be open to hear what the Holy Spirit reveals to you as well when reading and studying Scripture. The Bible has a way of keeping us accountable if we press into God’s Word and allow it to transform us.

Assessment: Ask those hard questions in your quiet time with the Lord. How am I measuring up spiritually in life according to your will Oh Lord? Where do I need to apply my God Word more to increase my faith? Father, you gave me this word for a reason so please guide me and give me your discernment. Open my senses to the Holy Spirit’s promptings and help me carry out your will.

Be transparent with yourself. Allow your downfalls to inspire you to get back up and keep moving forward. God gave you a special God Word for this season of life. Embrace your spiritual dimension and let Him stretch and mold you during this time.

Oh, my friend…there is so much more to be said about the spiritual dimension of life. I hope this post has at least given you a glimpse to applying your God Word in this important area.

May we just remember that the God Word method is created to pull us nearer to our one life source-The Almighty Father!

God Word: The Six Dimensions

My new GOD WORD!

Hello! Welcome to a six weeks focus on the book, One Word.

This little read was introduced to me in 2013 by a boss who had just survived her first cancer encounter. It is now a cherished process and a simple technique I use in my daily life. I refer to it as a God Word and rely on it to keep me accountable to the Father’s ways and not my own. Also, I incorporate this resource in the Refining study to help others strengthen their relationship with the Lord.

If you have used the book or maybe you are thinking about it, let me encourage you to do so. It brings focus and clarity to many areas in life and opens a door to drawing closer to the Lord. For those who have gone through the process, can I get a witness? How about an AMEN?

When you begin living out your God Word, it is important to find accountability methods and gauge your growth in the six dimensions listed in the book: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relational. God wants us to continually grow and strive to attain more of a likeness of Christ. This requires us to self analyze and question our goals, actions, intentions, priorities, etc. A God Word can aid in this process.

It has been so much fun celebrating with several women once they receive their God Word. I love when we come together and share the amazing things God is doing. (Yes, even the hurts, trials, and deep valleys). The testimonies that come from living out a God Word over a twelve-month period are remarkable. Then, the excitement of receiving a new word for the upcoming months is always a joy.

With all that being said…I must make a confession about a major downfall when using the One Word book. I have not focused much attention to the six dimensions. Whether leading myself and/or supporting others living out a God Word, I have rarely visited these areas as a way to measure progress and effectiveness. The Holy Spirit has really placed this on my heart over the past month.

So, for the upcoming posts I will be featuring one dimension a week! I pray is will assist each of us in living out our God Word on a larger scale than before. Each dimension will be backed with Scripture and an open invitation for everyone to reply. You each have amazing insight and personal take-away which can inspire so many. Let’s do this!

Come join the Refining walk through living out your God Word with a deeper passion and focusing on your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relational areas.

Be sure to reply to this post and share your God Word!  See you soon…

3 Reasons for Embracing a God Word

Within the Refining study, several weeks are dedicated to working through a book entitled One Word. The primarily reason for using this resource is to jump start a closer relationship with the Lord and improve upon listening to God’s directives.

Refining refers to One Word as a God Word because we rely on the Father for the word and are open to the Holy Spirit to reveal it. The belief is God has uniquely set aside a word just for us for the upcoming 365 days. We know the Lord holds our future and He is fully able to direct our pathway if we place our trust in Him.

I have been embracing this process for several years. There have been times when I received my word with confusion or even disbelief. However, after several months into the journey, it begins to make perfect sense. It has always proven His ways and perspective are so much wiser than my own. The journey has drawn me closer to Him and strengthened my relationship with the Lord.

Let me share three reasons to live out life through a God Word:

  1.  Simplicity-God delivers one simple word. A word for you to press into Him for daily living. A word to apply to the six dimensions of life which the book categorizes into: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, financial, and relational. For example, if your word is strengthen-then your effort is to work on strengthening things in these main areas through your daily application. It permits you to rely on God and the helpmates He has provided: Scripture and the Holy Spirit.
  • Accountability-It gives you an easy way to assess your progress. In your prayer time with God you are able to talk with Him about areas of concerns. It becomes very obvious the life categories God needs you to focus upon. It spotlights where you can grow and increase your reliance on the Lord. Also, it allows you to share your God Word with others who are doing the same thing. During the year, you can come together and talk about what God is showing you through your word and the progress you are making. This gives you another level of accountability.
  • Focus-A God Word cuts out the long “To Do/Should Do” list we normally create. It narrows your attention to One Word you can apply to every action, decision, thought, etc. You begin asking yourself, “How would this align with my God word? Does this decision/action increase my relationship with the Lord? What is God’s perspective on this situation?” When you make your word visible and stay surrendered to the Lord’s authority, you bring attention, concentration, and emphasis on doing life God’s way and not your own. It centers your life around the one and only reliable source-GOD!

The basic premise is to plug into God and ask “What do you want to do in me and through me over the next year?”

He has a word meant for each of us for a particular time frame. God wants us to draw closer to His side and embrace our sanctification by allowing Him to shape and refine us. The Father longs for us to daily rely and ask for His help in exhibiting our God Word and growing in our relationship with Him.

I would encourage you to give it a try and let God speak into your life through simplicity, accountability, and focus of a God Word. One Word can be more powerful than you ever imagined.   

“Spirit-Prompted Gifts”

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Do you like gifts? Have you ever questioned a gift you were freely given? What about a time when you received something you really didn’t want? Or, how about that gift you longed for before it came to fruition? What happened to all the gifts you have ever obtained? Who did these presents have the greatest impact upon?

Scot McKnight, author of Open to the Spirit, talks about a different type of present in his chapter entitled Open Yourself to a New Orientation in Life. He refers to a “spirit-prompted gift” as an endowment given to Christians in order to serve others, not themselves. (Think about John 10:27, Matthew 22:37-38, and Mark 12:31.) He goes on to explain that every gift comes directly from the same source, God, we may be given more than one, and the gift is designed as a contribution to the Body of Christ.

I love how the Lord not only created us for a purpose but grants each of us a calling. Then He equips us with special gifts which the Spirit distributes. It is all perfectly planned to see His work through to completion for the timeframe in which we were placed on earth. McKnight takes it even further by explaining God’s vision-a beautiful picture of each member using his/her gifts appropriately to “bring the church into a unity of worship and fellowship (the way of Christ)”. Therefore, every member is important! The puzzle is not complete without all the pieces present.

Do you wonder what “spirit-prompted gifts” you have been granted? Have you ever taken an assessment to help you determine? There are all types of tests available. Just be cautious and mindful that spiritual gifts are directly from God and to be used for God. Try not to get caught up in the gift itself and remember it is not about you-it is all about advancing the Lord’s kingdom.

McKnight says it best in his writing, “When we all exercise our Spirit-prompted gifts, we are drawn out of ourselves and toward one another.”

My favorite part of the chapter was when the writer states that our gifts are best managed when we do so through the use of the Spirit’s fruits. What fantastic advice. So, may we each be encouraged to use our spiritual gifts with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, and goodness.

Can you imagine the results of fulfilling your purpose according to His calling by utilizing your spiritual gifts through incorporating the fruits of the Spirit? I accept the challenge.   

McKnight, S. (2018). Open to the Spirit. New York: WaterBrook. 

BOOK REVIEW: Find Your Brave

Wagner, H. (2016). Find Your Brave. Colorado Springs, CO: WaterBrook Press.

SUMMARY: Wagner bases the book upon Acts 27 and Paul’s encounter with a fierce storm while he is prisoner on a ship along with her own personal struggles in life to deliver a survival guide for followers of Christ. Her words are backed by Scripture. There are many ways suggested to approach and endure difficult times. Wagner gives readers practical steps in identifying a storm, how to discover the source of it, and how to handle each element.

The book directly addresses keeping God first and trusting in His power rather than your own. Wagner is very frank about ways to navigate your way through rough waters by discussing certain aspects such as hope, courage, and perseverance. She gives examples of how that is possible and how to grow in the power of the Lord. Wagner even provides Scriptures to speak over your situations in the back of the book along with group discussion questions if using the book in a small group setting.

My $.02: We all face hardship during our lives. I know when the 5 year pit came I was truly unprepared. However, from the experience was birthed Refining and the ministry God has placed in my hands today. I have read of countless others who have been given a struggle to bear witness to the miraculous power, love, and healing of God.

During the storm it is not always easy to know or carry out the survival skills based on biblical truth. Most of the time you are just trying to survive. This book gives readers great insight to the type of storm they are enduring and practical steps to handling life during and after the hardship. It is a good read for anyone but especially encouraging for anyone in the middle of a raging storm. I especially enjoyed the Scriptures given to pray over your situation. The book is worth every penny.

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