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3 Reasons for Embracing a God Word

Within the Refining study, several weeks are dedicated to working through a book entitled One Word. The primarily reason for using this resource is to jump start a closer relationship with the Lord and improve upon listening to God’s directives.

Refining refers to One Word as a God Word because we rely on the Father for the word and are open to the Holy Spirit to reveal it. The belief is God has uniquely set aside a word just for us for the upcoming 365 days. We know the Lord holds our future and He is fully able to direct our pathway if we place our trust in Him.

I have been embracing this process for several years. There have been times when I received my word with confusion or even disbelief. However, after several months into the journey, it begins to make perfect sense. It has always proven His ways and perspective are so much wiser than my own. The journey has drawn me closer to Him and strengthened my relationship with the Lord.

Let me share three reasons to live out life through a God Word:

  1.  Simplicity-God delivers one simple word. A word for you to press into Him for daily living. A word to apply to the six dimensions of life which the book categorizes into: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, financial, and relational. For example, if your word is strengthen-then your effort is to work on strengthening things in these main areas through your daily application. It permits you to rely on God and the helpmates He has provided: Scripture and the Holy Spirit.
  • Accountability-It gives you an easy way to assess your progress. In your prayer time with God you are able to talk with Him about areas of concerns. It becomes very obvious the life categories God needs you to focus upon. It spotlights where you can grow and increase your reliance on the Lord. Also, it allows you to share your God Word with others who are doing the same thing. During the year, you can come together and talk about what God is showing you through your word and the progress you are making. This gives you another level of accountability.
  • Focus-A God Word cuts out the long “To Do/Should Do” list we normally create. It narrows your attention to One Word you can apply to every action, decision, thought, etc. You begin asking yourself, “How would this align with my God word? Does this decision/action increase my relationship with the Lord? What is God’s perspective on this situation?” When you make your word visible and stay surrendered to the Lord’s authority, you bring attention, concentration, and emphasis on doing life God’s way and not your own. It centers your life around the one and only reliable source-GOD!

The basic premise is to plug into God and ask “What do you want to do in me and through me over the next year?”

He has a word meant for each of us for a particular time frame. God wants us to draw closer to His side and embrace our sanctification by allowing Him to shape and refine us. The Father longs for us to daily rely and ask for His help in exhibiting our God Word and growing in our relationship with Him.

I would encourage you to give it a try and let God speak into your life through simplicity, accountability, and focus of a God Word. One Word can be more powerful than you ever imagined.   

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  1. What, Genna??? I’m hosting a One Word group this year and I’ve never heard of this book? I’m checking into it right now. 🙂 This would be fabulous for me to read. I love choosing One Word each year. Glad you linked up at Grace & Truth!


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