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God Word: The Six Dimensions

My new GOD WORD!

Hello! Welcome to a six weeks focus on the book, One Word.

This little read was introduced to me in 2013 by a boss who had just survived her first cancer encounter. It is now a cherished process and a simple technique I use in my daily life. I refer to it as a God Word and rely on it to keep me accountable to the Father’s ways and not my own. Also, I incorporate this resource in the Refining study to help others strengthen their relationship with the Lord.

If you have used the book or maybe you are thinking about it, let me encourage you to do so. It brings focus and clarity to many areas in life and opens a door to drawing closer to the Lord. For those who have gone through the process, can I get a witness? How about an AMEN?

When you begin living out your God Word, it is important to find accountability methods and gauge your growth in the six dimensions listed in the book: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relational. God wants us to continually grow and strive to attain more of a likeness of Christ. This requires us to self analyze and question our goals, actions, intentions, priorities, etc. A God Word can aid in this process.

It has been so much fun celebrating with several women once they receive their God Word. I love when we come together and share the amazing things God is doing. (Yes, even the hurts, trials, and deep valleys). The testimonies that come from living out a God Word over a twelve-month period are remarkable. Then, the excitement of receiving a new word for the upcoming months is always a joy.

With all that being said…I must make a confession about a major downfall when using the One Word book. I have not focused much attention to the six dimensions. Whether leading myself and/or supporting others living out a God Word, I have rarely visited these areas as a way to measure progress and effectiveness. The Holy Spirit has really placed this on my heart over the past month.

So, for the upcoming posts I will be featuring one dimension a week! I pray is will assist each of us in living out our God Word on a larger scale than before. Each dimension will be backed with Scripture and an open invitation for everyone to reply. You each have amazing insight and personal take-away which can inspire so many. Let’s do this!

Come join the Refining walk through living out your God Word with a deeper passion and focusing on your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relational areas.

Be sure to reply to this post and share your God Word!  See you soon…

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