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Only for God’s Gain!

Have you ever owned your own business and wrestled with calculating profit? The major factor is the expense endured. When costs outweigh revenue…well we all know the rest of the story. It is not exactly a vibrant illustration of success nor a flourishing picture of a booming lemonade stand. (Sorry, Charlie Brown!)

Profit is acknowledged as a gain. In society today, most will jump at a chance to obtain an advantage in life and/or over someone else. We see this in businesses and sports daily. Having leverage over the competition is all the rage in order to be ranked #1. Just look at what the NFL is willing to pay.

We experience this type of opposition in life every second. The enemy makes every attempt to capitalize on your pain, failures, disappointments, -wait for it- as well as your successes, happiness, and prized moments. Of course, the list goes on and on. The adversary will do whatever it takes to achieve favor for selfish profit. I Peter 5:8 warns us of the schemes and advises us to be on guard.    

In Galatians 2, Paul calls Peter out on his toxic actions which were rooted in Peter’s own selfish concern of personal profit. Peter refused to dine with the Gentiles because he feared it could jeopardize his religious standing in Jerusalem once the influential Jewish believers arrived. What a perfect example of the enemy weaseling his way into a situation to cause division. However, what the adversary planned actually failed and unity was achieved.

God has a mysterious way of working. It requires us to follow Him blindly, aka faith. Our trust is a firm investment in Him without selfish fear or personal gain concerns. We must surrender and release control over our life regardless of the advantage point we think we might have. Let us not forget-God has already won. Our Lord is ruler over all! (Proverbs 22:2)

I once heard it said, “If we really did profit from our mistakes, I’d be extremely rich by now”. Unfortunately, I think whoever wrote this pun must have been spying on me through the years. My past could be viewed as a Personal Alertness, Spiritual Trial from God. Wake up child and get your act together! I have wasted time by not glorifying the Father in numerous ways and I have grieved the Holy Spirit on many occasions. Father, I am so sorry. As God continues to refine me, I pray that my obedience increases and that my actions reflect a pure heart sold out at all costs for the Lord.

Below are some of my take-a-ways where God capitalized. The opposition tried to hinder my life from being under God’s authority but the enemy lost everything when I tallied the profit.

Thank you, Father for using these things to glorify your name.

Enemy God’s touch Refining
Shocking results Unexplainable healing I truly believe in miracles.
Sudden departure Time awareness I am mindful of each moment.
Breathless life Lasting love I appreciate the heavenly spirits and realm.
Worldly passion Purpose awakened I was created for so much more.
Lying tongues Embracing truth I seek God’s word above all else.
Innocence destroyed Knowing evil I know there is spiritual warfare.
Caught off-guard Be ready I desire to be steadfast only in the Lord.

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