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Groeschel, C. (2017). Chazown revised and updated edition. New York, NY:Multnomah.

SUMMARY: Chazown is a book assisting readers to find God’s purpose which is designed for them. The writing is divided into five sections, creating a “Chazown” discovery process. Pastor Craig clearly addresses the need for individuals to embrace a vision and the importance of aligning it with God’s will. The method presented attends to personal core values, spiritual gifts, and past experiences. Readers are urged to establish a purpose statement and a plan of action. Groeschel concentrates on five fundamentals of a person’s vision as relationships with God, people, finances, health, and work. In closing, the author discusses the significance of accountability and the magnitude in plays on staying “hot” for God. The book is supported with online resources and participant guide.

MY $.02: I have been on the hunt for a prominent means to support individuals in discerning their unique, God-given purpose. Before reading Chazown, the main resource I referred others to employ was Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life. Groeschel’s book is a valuable read for those who lack direction and/or unsure of their God-given purpose.

Chazown is thoroughly laid out with many concise, straight to the point chapters. Groeschel presents several scenarios, written illustrations, and personal experiences. The book is filled with scripture references and meaningful key points which are thought provoking and relevant. I found myself mesmerized by various topics presented because they paralleled with my writing of Refining.

One thing that caught my attention was his distinctive weight given to a person’s past. His key thought in this area was “Your past often holds the key to unlock your future.” He denotes the magnitude of purpose in your grief, pain, heartache, etc. Groeschel had a way of validating life’s residue as part of my endurance and making me feel well-equipped to live out God’s plan because I have undergone a very qualified past.

This is a remarkable read for those individuals who have not taken the time to ascertain their individual purpose, core values, and spiritual gifts. I found it useful in re-examining my vision and goals. It supports the reader in the process and allows an individual to discern areas of needs. The online resources and study guide questions make the discovery doable. The massive amount of scripture references reinforced the material and maintained the primary focus-God’s exceptional plan for each life. I bought more than one copy because it is worth the investment to share with others.    

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