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Best of the Decade

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! It is hard to believe today is the last 24 hours of the decade. The headlines are filled with the best of the last ten years for shows, music, movies, gadgets, electronics, cars, technology, and the list continues. Many have the mindset of “out with the old, in with the new” including myself. I have never seen such a line up for Goodwill donations as I experienced this morning.

Decades, years, days, hours-they all have a way of delivering the pieces of our lives. Promotions, degrees, new opportunities, marriages, deaths, sweet babies, travel, health issues, hobbies… You get the idea. Nothing seems to stay the same and we have to acclimate to unfamiliarity whether good or bad. Most will claim it is a matter of a person’s mindset and approach taken prior to any adjustment that determines if they can successfully adapt.

For me, this decade served a priceless gift. It required a humble surrender of all that I am without any reservations. The present was dispensed as a wake-up call and the message was sent to me through every aspect of my life. Many things were taken away yet blessings were supplied. I truly faced the unexpected and found myself inadequately prepared to handle the raging storm from 2013 to 2018. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, my faith in Christ my Savior, and the miraculous love of God, I accepted the refining journey and my outlook was transformed.

The Almighty God heard my cries and answered my prayers according to His will and not my own. (thank goodness!) It required more of Him and less of me. I had to let go of all that was holding me back and learn how to simplify my life so the focus was on Him. I am willing to admit, right up front, that the sacrifice of things and people in my life was heartbreaking. I’d even dare to say, my fleshly human nature of independence and being in control had to be placed on the chopping block as well. And guess what? I wouldn’t change a thing. (okay, maybe I would have surrendered faster!) Why was it worth the misery and pain? Because I received a relationship with the greatest King of Kings which is priceless!

For all of those who REALLY know me, those who are getting to know me, those who have experienced the Refining study, and those who will one day read this blog, here are some of my prayer requests I wrote down during the dark years.

1. Father, grow me to become an impactful vessel.

2. Please fill me with Your truth and employ me to carry out Your Will.

3. Let Your spirit be seen in me 100% 24/7 displaying a good fight.

4. I want Your favor and hedge of protection.

5. Bless my husband, children, mother, and entire family. Keep them fruitful for You.

6. Create in me a pure heart living and thriving completely for You.

7. Father bring change in my life and free me from anything holding me back from You.

8. I want to experience Your promises and identify myself in You.

9. Increase my desire to pray, heighten my spiritual interest, and show me how to use the helpmates You have provided.

10. And most of all Lord, I want to encourage others for generations to seek Your face above anything else in their lives.

Can any of you testify how God responded to my requests? 😊

God hears your prayers and answers them in ways far greater than you can imagine. I am living proof. I would encourage you to write down your 2020 requests and evaluate how to declutter your life so there is room for God to dwell within you at all times.God exceeds the Best of the Decade! He is the priceless gift for all eternity. Best wishes and love to all. Happy New Year! Welcome God into your 2020.

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