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Clothed in Love

Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.
Colossians 3:14

Happy weekend friends! What fun are you having? I spent the majority of the morning cleaning closets and washing clothes. This crazy weather has had us wearing everything from shorts and t-shirts to thick sweaters and thermals within a week’s period of time. Instead of having a closet with clothes for the current season, it holds everything I own.

How do you decide what to wear during your week? Wake up and grab whatever is clean? Plan the night before and lay it all out? Start on Sunday and build your weekly outfits down to accessories? Do you iron everything or tumble the wrinkles? No matter the approach, none of us gets dressed accidentally. We all purposely choose to cover our body with clothing.

What if every morning we purposely clothed ourselves in love as well? Can you think of someone who exhibits a fine “love outfit” daily?

My thoughts immediately proceed to a neighbor I had for over a decade. Her name was Sally Richardson. This sweet lady displayed the finest evening gown of love day-to-day. She was far from being self-centered and always focused on other’s needs. Her prayers filled the room with love and wrapped around your heart like a high-end cashmere scarf on a snowy day. When life was difficult or she was sick, I would visit her with the intent of lifting her spirits. However, I was always the one walking away so elevated in God and filled with amazing hope and faith. How did she do it?

She believed…

Love is patient. She knew God was always patient so she strived to be patient with others. (I Corinthians 13:4)

Love keeps no record of wrong. She gave love without keeping score of what she received from others. (I Corinthians 13:5)

Love always protects and preserves. She was confident that when she prayed God’s love over the situation, the Lord would protect His children. (I Corinthians 13:7)

Love is controlled by actions not feelings. She would love people even when they didn’t deserve it. (Matthew 5:44)

Love is powerful, unconditional, and life changing. She extended love because she knew the power of the Lord and His miraculous, life changing abilities. (Romans 12:20)

What are you wearing tomorrow?

Tribute to Sally Christine Richardson

6 thoughts on “Clothed in Love

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    1. It brought to mind the idea of hanging the fruit of the spirit verse in my closet to remind myself to clothe God’s body in His acceptable garments. You are a shining light my friend. I am blessed by you.


    1. I was blessed by knowing her and being her neighbor since 1995. She and Creed were very special. (And Megan) They loved me, my twin boys, and of course our dog Prince dearly. I hope to one day glow with the love of God the way she did. She was a legacy. May your family be honored by the article. Much love and fond memories, Genna Stotts


  1. if only we all could take this lesson of love and apply it to our everyday life. I will continue to clothed myself in love everyday. Thanks for sharing this pearl of wisdom.

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  2. I love the analogy of “putting on love.” Especially on days we don’t want to! I’m a get up and wear what ever I’m feeling that day kind of girl, and sometimes I just don’t want to put on my love outfit 😉 but God calls us to be love because He first loved us! I enjoyed reading about Sally, I want to be like her and believe in the definition of love God has provided for us in His Word! Thank you for sharing!

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