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Motive Check

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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3

Motives-Have you ever made five-star plans yet, had the wrong motive? What about having a fabulous motive but, little or no plans? I cannot seem to separate motives from plans when pondering the subject.

While reading and studying Proverbs 16, God really captured my attention. I have to admit, I love to have so-called “well-laid-out-plans”. I want all 5 W’s answered and the details nailed down if you put me in charge. I might suffer slightly from anxiety when it comes to not knowing what the plans are. Do not misunderstand-I can go with the flow, but I need a general knowledge of what lies ahead or what to expect.

However, let us talk about life plans. We all make them no matter how elaborate or minimum. We have goals and dreams fully expecting for things to stay on our appropriate timeline yet, life happens!

I have had disruptions and setbacks a time or two when it comes to my “life plans”. As I ponder some of those interruptions, I think about my motives. YIKES! Several were self-centered and all to glorify me. YEP! Absolutely nothing to do with God and for that matter I really never asked His opinion. Wonder why some of those plans failed?

It is not easy to have fail-proof plans, but they might be more successful if we examine our motives behind them. Remember, we cannot hide anything from our all-knowing Father-He is fully aware of our motives (1 Corinthians 4:4-5). If our motives are to glorify the Lord and bring Him praise, it may alter our planning.

Imagine a life with sold-out motives for God only! Can you imagine how differently our life plans might look? May I dare to say, we would probably be relying on Scripture as our guide and conferencing with the Lord as we craft our daily pathway. And, we would not be as concerned about the outcome because we would know that God is in control regardless.

Solomon’s instructions in Proverbs 16:3 has made me more aware of how I plan. He was directly saying to me, “Hey, before you plan anything, check your motives. Are you doing this to exalt God or yourself? Who will be glorified? Have you consulted with the Lord? Does this align with scripture? Are you trusting God or yourself? Oh child, do you really have faith in God?”

I pray today’s posting touched you, but it might have been just for me!

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