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Will you pray with me?

For whatever God says to us is full of living power: it is sharper than the sharpest dagger, cutting swift and deep into our innermost thoughts and desires with all their parts, exposing us for what we really are. Hebrews 4:12 (TLB)

In our instantaneous world, embracing anything for a lifetime may seem far fetched and impossible. But to achieve an enriched existence withstanding the test of time, our interaction with God and His Word requires day to day intentionality.

God placed a book on my heart as a doorway for readers to examine personal reliance on biblical truth and a tool to infuse Scripture in life with an eternal mindset. It is designed to take us beyond a surface level walk with the Lord to a pathway of intimacy with God and His Word.

Let me give you a sneak peak…

God has an individual vision just for you. He dreams of you resting assured in His Word—feasting on Scripture as a sole substance. The almighty Father longs to extend strength, hope, love, and wisdom—mighty and brave warrior skills for life and all its strife which comes at you from all sides. So, is this your aspiration as well? Do you have an incessant hunger pang for God and His truth? Are you seeking pure happiness and delight like the prophet Jeremiah experienced?

Jeremiah identified God’s Word as his primary resource (Jeremiah 15:16). He valued the benefits of pursuing spiritual nourishment and assigning it top priority daily. Jeremiah knew to find the worth in God’s Word; he had to intentionally seek it and carry out his calling (Jeremiah 1:5). Much like discovering his missing sandal from a long journey the previous day, Jeremiah knew the Lord’s wisdom and discernment would not magically appear without some action on his part (Side note: He was not married.).

In his discovery, Jeremiah describes the intake as a personal digestion method, a process where he internalized God’s Word (Jeremiah 17:7). Through it, he found substance for living. He treasured God as his life-coach and held tightly to the promises of God (Jeremiah 29:11). Without a doubt, Jeremiah expresses the great wisdom he uncovered—daily existence hinges upon the pursuit of God and His promises despite the world’s rejection. He embraced his calling as a prophet despite the mindboggling persecution he described in chapter 38.

In agreement with the Lord, I want to see you exhibit all His wisdom and riches through the daily application of Scripture. I care about your spiritual progression, and I never want life to find you deficient in the power of biblical authority. My wish for you is you drench yourself so much in Scripture it causes the enemy to scurry in fear from God’s goodness pooling around you. I pray this journey will illuminate the Lord’s voice on a more personal horizon and ignite a burning desire to genuinely know God on a new level. I yearn to see your affection for God’s Word increase in miraculous ways.

As the book unfolds, how many of you would be willing to commit to a week of prayer for God’s direction and discernment? I would love to have several prayer partners come alongside me this week and pray for the protection of the message God has within this writing. May His name be glorified and lives changed forever through His work. My heart is filled with passion to ensure others authentically live through God’s very words.

Will you pray with me this week?

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