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Crown the Sword: Chapter 4-How can Scripture Impact?

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Have you ever studied the impact of a water droplet? Do you know the effects according to the surface it hits? Think about it this way-what happens to the water droplet landing on granite versus landing in a pond? You may not be able to scientifically explain it but it is obvious to the naked eye-the impact is different.

With that analogy in mind, what impacts your life? Are there times when God’s Word finds the surface of your heart hard? Can your eyes see the insight of Scripture? Does your entire being respond and absorb the Bible’s principles and apply it to your daily living? Will that single drop of His Word increase your desire to want the entire out pouring? Do you really want the ripple effect of the Lord?

As stated in Chapter 4, Ezra was impacted by divine wisdom. He “allowed Scripture to penetrate his inner being and transform him entirely”. I want that! I want that kind of devotion! I want to study Scripture beyond my own ability! I want to obey God’s Word in every aspect of my life! And, even as I write this, I fall short. There are areas of struggle in my life right now that are a part of my own doing. Places where I haven’t learned to live out Scripture and allow God to grow.

What about you?

However, when I have clung to Scripture, abided full in Christ, and claimed God as my Yahweh Nissi, I found a beautiful treasure. Scripture-“It is a mighty gift-the best I have ever unwrapped on any occasion.” (page 49)

Do you really want a life submerged in God’s Holy Word? Make your appeal known to God. Please ponder your thoughts and pour out your desires to Him no matter how far fetched they make seem. Let this week be the beginning to a Word-fed life. Ask God for a heart His Word can penetrate. Write it, Claim it, Shout it, Pray it, Draw it, Sing it, Cry it-

God has been waiting for this moment. He knew you would be right there, in that very spot, reading these very words! His disposition towards you is complete love. Stop and read John 3:16 in several translations and get a good view of this Love.

What is your disposition to God? Is it love for Him and His Word? Let this be the week to get in touch with your inward aspiration. It is an individual choice to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5 ESV)

I don’t know about you but I needed to hear this:


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