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Beyond Scriptural Typography (Exceeding Text Elevation)

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Treasured Treasure

Adored Adornment

Prized Prize

Valued Valuable

Treasured Treasure

The Bible…the very words of God.

For centuries, time has been devoted to the mere visual art form of Scripture. WHY? Like any written craft, its legibility and appeal are key factors in enticing its audience. Man has spent endless hours arranging and selecting the letter spacing, typefaces, and line lengths to attain the preferred typographic anatomy.

Experts in the field have continually taken in account all the essential principles when designing a layout of the recorded words of God. Their main aspiration is to fabricate an alluring product with an optical invitation. Placement and alignment concerns are just the beginning to their labor in achieving the goal, a visual hierarchy.

Typography is big business when it comes to the Bible. God’s Word, a treasured treasure, routinely generates $425 million in annual sales according to an article by Brandon Gaille. Valued as valuable to numerous believers, the demand for published Scripture not only requires a skilled typographer but also breeds a steady workload for the industry due to needing “the perfect Bible”.

Do you have this in large print? Does this devotional Bible come in an English Standard Version? What are the language options for the Message Bible? Could you suggest the best user-friendly study Bible for a new believer? Are there any Spanish NIV translations with comfort print in a red-letter edition?

Then, let us not forget to consider the digital world as well. How can I access this version on an e-reader or tablet? What are my Bible options for a smartphone? Is there an audio app for the New King James translation? And the list of specific wishes and requests continue-an endless petition for “the perfect fit” according to the consumer.

Thanks to technology and individual preferences revolutionizing the delivery methods and presentations of God’s Word, the publishing industry has gone beyond ink and paper. Believers now have a multitude of alternatives to be able to connect with God’s Word. So, the bigger question is, “What suits your personal needs?”.  

Some of the measures used to select the “perfect” version of the Bible is based on the need of convenience, simplicity, compatibility with an on-the-go lifestyle, and inclusion of hi-tech devices. Shall we say…finding a suitable option in the world where digital and audio Bibles abide. It seems as though we have God’s Word at our fingertips and can connect with His Holy Word at the drop of a hat.

These multifaceted doorways allow us to handpick a version based on our liking. We can select a format exclusively for our lifestyle. Gone are the days of being restricted to a physical book. Thanks to publishers, we have been extended an expanded invitation to interact with Scripture on a grander scale than ever before.

Ponder this. In a moment’s notice, we can access the Bible on our phone, bookmark passages, and even magnify that so-called “perfect” text if need be. We are blessed with the engagement opportunities afforded to us left and right. It is as painless as downloading an app. Free at that! WOW! Every mode luring each believer to go beyond the typography.

What more could we desire? Our prized prize and adored adornment can be displayed beyond a coffee table. We can showcase it on every device we own and pull up any passage regardless of our location. We can even screenshot verses of interest in the middle of a sermon and share it immediately on social media.

What a welcoming welcome. An opportunity to see past the layout we choose. A chance to experience the life-changing power the words hold. An open invitation to go beyond the charming print. An ability to interact with Scripture through exceeding levels of availability far outweighing anything previously offered. Oh, how attractive, tantalizing, and downright alluring.

Inviting invitation

Tempting temptation

Charming charm

Welcoming welcome

Inviting invitation

The Bible…and for some, it stops here!!…the very words of God.

Gaille, Brandon. “29 Good Bible Sales Statistics.” Bradon Gaille Small Business & Marketing Advice, 23 May 2017,

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