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Crown the Sword: Ch. 6-What will I Crown as my Life Manual?

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Crown-(verb): a mark of honor, to officially recognize, adorn, to pay tribute, to signify reverence, etc. Handing over reigning authority and giving up control is what it personally means to me. The Crown is my choice to rank the highest treasured possession in my life. It goes beyond a physical act and lip service. The crowning takes place daily when I make my choice what will rule my day.

We all have crowning power. In a recent social media conversation with a pastor, we briefly discussed this concept. He stated that in Ephesians 6 “we’re biblically exhorted to “crown” Christ” and therefore we should do likewise to His Word. I responded by saying that Christian or not, we all crown things in our lives. My philosophy is we all own one crown to do with as we so desire. Now, I may move my crown from item to item, but I can only crown one thing at a time. After doing so, it has the power to reign and control my actions, thoughts, words, and goals.

I have “crowned” myself in the past. Manipulated Scripture to fit my need. Convinced myself that “if you want something done, you have to do it yourself without relying on ANYONE!” (pg. 69). I knew people would let you down and I had a long list of proof especially when it came to the opposite sex. So day after day, I “crowned” my personal strength and had a motto, “Love what YOU do and do what YOU love!” It even hung on the wall in our living room. Why? Because it was about satisfying that deep hunger inside of my heart and no one else seemed capable of doing so, so I would just have to do it myself. (Miss. Little Red Hen)

Boy, this is when the disclaimer should pop-up and say “Do NOT try this in the home of your heart! It can prove fatal and/or harmful to those who try!” Red flags, flashing lights, sirens, caution tape-whatever catches your inward attention: PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT CROWN THE WRONG THING! Go retrieve the crown, hold it in your hands, and really think about the authority you want to reign over your life. What will give you life everlasting? What will furnish you with a reliable life manual?

God invites you to crown Him and therefore crown His Word.

I leave you with a direct quote from the book:

“My sweet heavenly Father extended a fresh encounter with Him and gave me the gift of renewal and redemption through Scripture. The invitation I accepted from the Lord is the same He extends to you-come and experience the miraculous possibilities of a life submitted to His authority. Your willingness to let Him reign unlocks a world of potential beyond your imagination! I am living proof!” (pg. 71).

2 thoughts on “Crown the Sword: Ch. 6-What will I Crown as my Life Manual?

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  1. That’s really good, Genna! We can only crown one thing at a time. I taught a class Sunday to 3-4 graders…and we talked about during the time of Judges how they sinned, left God, worshiped idols, repented and went back to God. It was a recurring cycle. AND I told them that our idols are these phones. We find lots of time to be on them (screens of some kind) but very little time to be in God’s word. We’re ALL guilty.

    Love you! Heading to Happy tomorrow to pack up more things and have a hair appointment. Life seems to never slow down. We thought it might, but it doesn’t.


    Janet Crossland Sent from my iPhone



  2. Thanks, Genna! This is an interesting insight – ‘we all own one crown to do with as we so desire’. It makes me pause and think of where I’m placing my crown and how many times I move it around. Thanks for giving me a visual and food for thought.


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