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How Can Bible Intake Be Visual?

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Hello! How are you this last full week of May? Good news-a three day weekend is on the way for many. The month of May seems to be a busy time with graduations, Mother’s Day, end of summer year, etc. However, it has been nice to enjoy some of these occasions in a somewhat “normal” setting this year.

In the education world, tapping into all modalities of learning is essential. Educators have to be creative in making the text come alive and extending opportunities for those digesting the material to do the same. This is no different for each of us when studying Scripture and ensuring our Bible intake sticks. Making those mental connections and embedded the overall message into our schema is necessary to ignite the transformation of our heart and mind.

Transparency moment: Scripture exposure has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Yet, most of my life it has gone in one ear and out the other. Oh when I first hear or read a promising message, I am so inspired and feel two inches taller, but once life slaps me around a couple of times (usually less than 24 hours later) I seem to be clueless. Why didn’t the takeaway stick?

God has captured my attention in recent years concerning engaging in His Word and allowing it to transform. (the capture was a three letter word-PIT!) I have always equated the Bible as a life manual and valued the power of its words, yet the struggle to infuse my innermost parts with Scripture was very real.

I have read, heard, and tried all kinds of advice-read more, study more, pray more, add in-depth Bible studies to your routine, buy a Bible dictionary, purchase a set of concordances, download this application, get assess to these Bible translations, mark all these websites as your favorite, follow Bible scholars regularly, listen to online sermons, go to conferences, join this Facebook group, etc. These are all terrific ideas and suggestions, but when I first wanted to make a significant change in my Bible intake-adding a million different things without addressing what would really make Scripture stick for me personally just made my life even more complicated. I didn’t know where to focus-everything was over the top good! I wanted engagement not involvement. I just made the issue a frustrating and exploding PROBLEM.

So I began embracing simplicity. Taking bite-size portions daily and setting myself up for success. I could not process the fire-hose information coming towards me. It took me addressing my attempted failures and laying the issue at the feet of God. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see the answer was really simple-get out of the way and let Him lead.

Today, I want to share with you one way I have found to make God’s Word a visual in my life. If you wrestle with making the Bible come to life, I pray you are encouraged to embrace new ideas and are filled with God’s discernment to what will work best for you. Start small and give the Holy Spirit the permission to guide your efforts so the transformational power can ignite and change you inside out.


  • I pause and pray before reading God’s Word.
  • I read/reread and intensely study one chapter in the Bible weekly.
  • After praying and meditating over the information, I narrow my focus to a verse/s I feel the Holy Spirit is drawing me to fully digest.
  • I write out the Scripture.
    • The physical act allows me to take ownership.
    • It brings my focus to the words within the verse/s.
    • I seem to remember the Scripture from writing it.
    • The product becomes a snapshot of God speaking directly to me.
  • Sometimes I am drawn to one word within the copied Scripture.
  • I display it for a week and read it throughout my day.
  • I add my own flair to it. (can’t exactly call it art-lol!)
This is what must be done: When he sits down on the throne of his kingdom, the first thing he must do is make himself a copy of this Revelation on a scroll, copied under the supervision of the Levitical priests. That scroll is to remain at his side at all times; he is to study it every day so that he may learn what it means to fear his God, living in reverent obedience before these rules and regulations by following them. He must not become proud and arrogant, changing the commands at whim to suit himself or making up his own versions. If he reads and learns, he will have a long reign as king in Israel, he and his sons. Deuteronomy 17:18-19 (MSG)

Here is an example:

Steps I took:

  • I read Chapter 2 of Nahum.
  • I wrote out the verse which stood out to me to take ownership. (I choose two colors to distinguish the two thoughts presented.)
  • Then I selected one word which stood out to me. (I circled restore)
  • I displayed the card in a prominent spot. I read it over and over throughout the week and let it saturate my thinking.
  • We had a horrific hailstorm which wiped out our tender garden plants and many of the flowers we had planted. After walking through the yard to access the damage, restoration came to mind. I began to ponder the promise of God’s healing after the “destroyer” laid everything to waste. My mind went straight to a blossom. So, I took the card & drew a flower. It was a symbol of God’s promise, the beauty we find when we take refuge in Him, and the healing He will extend.
  • The card is a visual reminder of the message the Lord gave me. At the end of the week, I wrote my overall takeaway on the back of the card.

If you are a “visual” learner-start with just writing out Scripture once a week and allow it to saturate your thinking. Please do not make it complicated. You just need a Bible and a willingness to let God’s Word change you. Investigate ways to make the Bible come to life for you. Ask God for His discernment and help. You will be amazed at what He will reveal.

Share your thoughts. I would love to hear what you do routinely. Blessings and prayers to you, my friend.

8 thoughts on “How Can Bible Intake Be Visual?

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  1. That’s really neat, Genna! You’re right that we have too many “good things” coming at us and it IS overwhelming. I like your simple approach and focus!

    Janet Crossland Sent from my iPhone



    1. It is so easy to make life complicated and feel overwhelmed with information. I had to scale back and learn how to rely on God and His Word above all the rest.


  2. Genna, love this post, such practical ideas to engage more with scripture. I know I can always improve, and I believe the more ways we engage The Word, the more the Word engages us! Thank you for these great pratical ideas!


    1. Thank you Donna. I am so inspired by your journey and the testimony God has given you to impact the lives of others. You are an amazing women of the Lord. Blessings.


  3. This is so good! I am a visual learner, and it often helps me when I am memorizing scripture to draw it out. My drawers are quite pathetic, granted. 😉 But because they mean something in my mind, they help the words stick better.


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