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Self-Care: How a “God Word” Can Assist in Being Healthy

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Hello! Have you been watching the Olympics? Crazy to think the athletes have had to endure a longer training period due to the pandemic. And to think the next competition will still be held in 2024.

I love gymnastics and Simone Biles. She is a powerhouse physically and mentally. What a testimony of bravery to stand up for selfcare and protect herself. This will speak volumes for the world!! (If you are unaware of the impact Simone makes outside of gymnastics-I encourage you to do some research.)

What about you? When was the last time you checked on yourself, especially mentally? “I’m fine, everything is good, just doing the best I can”. God wants to be a part of our lives more than surface level and wants us better than “fine”. He wants us exercising healthy self-care and unplugging at various times to listen to His voice and become more in-tune with His will. I cannot think of a better time to mention one way I have found to do this.

For several years I have invested time in receiving a God Word through the help of a little book entitled One Word. I call it my “God Word” because I rely on Him to reveal the word. Yes, there have been times I didn’t want what God had for me, such as the time when the winner was the word discipline! However, I know the Lord always holds my days ahead so I know I can trust Him to lead me and my crazy fleshly ways. (I have tried to live under my own direction–we all know how that turned out!)

The book, One Word, simply describes three stages to receiving a “God Word”; they are look in, look up, look out. After embracing this process for several years, I will be brave enough to state this as an essential process for those wanting to live under the authority of the Lord.

Why? It allows you to take a self-inventory of your life currently, spend some time unplugging from the world, and making the time to listen to the Father for His direction and discernment for your year ahead.

There is one thing I would change about the book if I could. I call the look out stage the “live out” phase because I feel this is where your feet are held to the test. This is really your daily life steps permitting the God Word to guide your steps, connect you to God on a deeper level, and strengthen your reliance and relationship with the Father.

SO…why do this around July/August? Why not do this in January when most of the world makes resolutions? Isn’t this an alternative to doing that? Doesn’t the book even suggest this? True, many people embrace a One Word concept at the beginning of the year. You can go through this process annually at any point you determine. There isn’t a set time. The Refining Ministry has been focusing on this event at the end of summer for many years so that is why we are revisiting it at this time of the year. It shows intentionality apart from the norm of the world.

We will be doing two face-to-face meetings this year for those who want to renew their God Word or join in trying this for a year. One location will be Canyon, TX and the other will be Waco, TX. During these meetings, we will highlight Chapters 1-4 together and provide a short period hanging out with God to individually listen to Him.

Then on August 16th we will host an online event at 6:00 p.m. for those who want to join us for an hour to review Chapters 6-8 and discuss ways to live out the God Word. Incorporating your word into all areas of your life is not always easy. The book highlights six dimensions which we will briefly discuss as well. Also, we will share ways we have found to hold ourselves accountable and keep our focus.

I would encourage you to join us in this journey. The “One Word” concept has helped me rely on the Lord’s perspective, drawn me closer to Him and His ways, and strengthened my relationship with the Lord. I love the simplicity of carrying out His Word in my daily life and learning how to let the Holy Spirit lead. It narrows my “squirrelly” attention to concentrate on living for God and not myself. My God Word aids in being accountable to doing life God’s way, talking to God about my progress, and centering my efforts to glorify the Lord and not myself!

If you would like to plug into God and truly hear the answer from Him to “What do you want to do in me and through me over the next year?”, then we invite you to come along with us through this journey. Maybe you already embrace this process, then come hang out with us on August 16th online and share your experience. We would love your input and knowledge of letting God speak through a One Word process.

Our sweet Father has many “One Words” for us over our lifetime. He is willing and eager to give us a “God Word” for this particular time frame in life. This concept is a tool to embrace sanctification and surrender to the refining God wants to do within us.

Thank you for the opportunity to walk this out with you. I look forward to joining together to allow God to speak into our lives through simplicity, accountability, and simple focus on the “Word” He reveals.

Come join us in an impactful experience through a three step process-One Word. It is simply a time to let God lead. If you want to know more, please email us at We would love to hear from you!


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