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3 Practical Ways to Continue Growing Spiritually

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But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen. (2 Peter 3:18)

Hello! How are you friends? What fall events have you had a chance to enjoy this month? Football games, harvest festivals, pumpkin patch, homecomings, retreats, craft shows…

I had the sheer pleasure to see Priscilla Shirer this weekend in Amarillo thanks to the encouragement of a sweet friend. As you know, I am still picking up some major pieces of life that recently shattered. My first instinct was to decline because the earthly “to do” list is quite lengthy with a double graveside service to plan, a stack of bills to sort through for my dad and sister, an estate sale to advertise, vehicles and properties to maintain and clean, and oh yeah-the legal stuff to handle. You might say I had a defensive attitude because I was letting worldly distractions hinder my submission to attend. But God said, “GO-sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to what I need you to hear through the voice of Priscilla.”

One of the beautiful messages Priscilla so eloquently delivered was that of spiritual maturity. (My passion and desire for all to obtain, including myself.) She brought several things to mind and spurred me on in several ways for my personal growth and for the Refining Ministry in the days ahead.

So, today I would like to give you 3 practical ways to continually mature in your spiritual walk. They will sound so simple but putting it into action routinely can be challenging. (BTW-This is why Refining exists-to keep you and us on track.)

Are you ready?

  1. Read God’s Word. If you want a relationship that will flourish, you have to know Him. There is no better way to become familiar with His attributes than spending time in Scripture.
  2. Find a way to be encouraged by someone on a higher level of spiritual maturity. How you might ask? Get in a Bible study, find a mentor, commit to an accountability partner, read solid Christian author’s work, listen to sermons, follow artists that spur on your worship, etc. You can’t get to the next level without being exposed to what that looks like.
  3. Pray. Make time for it. Don’t really know how–just do it. God only cares about the posture you bring when praying, not some eloquent fluffy words.

Basic-Simple-Foundation! That’s it. Oh yeah, I hear you–but there is so much more!! Yes, you are right but if you overload yourself with “all the good things” which can benefit, you may paralyze yourself from doing the solid foundational things which are detrimental to your continual growth.

Set yourself up for success. Get good at the foundational so they become part of your DNA and you will not depart from them. Then remember, everything else is icing, sprinkles, yummy sauce, cherries, etc.

The Refining Ministry believes in these foundational skills so much that it is why we provide an outlet for you to grow through our weekly online studies. Our format is simple: one chapter once a week with accountability sheets to help you dissect and unpack Scripture based on the personal message God has directly for you. I would encourage you to join us on a Monday night for one hour beginning at 6:00 pm CST. For more details and/or the link, email us at

Last but not least!!! Here is a TOPPING for you. There is a FREE Bible Journaling conference this week which actually begins in a couple of days. The conference has a multitude of speakers and lots of fun giveaways. Plus, it is from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. You can pick and choose what to attend. I have enjoyed it over the years and I think you will be blessed as well this year.

You can register here:  free Bible Journaling conference 

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  1. Genna, thank you for these posts! They feed me. 🙂 I agree, Pricilla Shires was phenomenal!
    I love the simple aspect of these three things, and yes, putting it into practice is the hardest part! I think prayer can also be simple and happen all day long through quick conversation. For example, “Lord thank you for the beautiful sunrise and for loving me!” or ” Father forgive me for my judgmental thoughts, let me see others as you do.” I want to invite Him into my daily life and these short quick prayers do the trick.


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