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Can Growth Happen on the Dark Side?

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Hello friends. Can you believe it is almost November? The winter months are upon us and the smell of pumpkin is in the air.

My husband and I have been busy gathering the last of the harvest the past couple of weeks. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions, dill, green beans, parsley, pumpkins, cilantro, etc. All the goodies we have watched grow day after day in broad daylight.

As I wash, chop, freeze, cook, etc. I am reminded of God’s pure light producing healthy fruit in my own life. I love the spiritual growth that comes as I stay under His authority and humbly surrender to His plans. He has a way of stretching me and directing my maturity in ways I have never even dreamed- much like the pumpkin that grew larger than the rest of the crop.

But today I want to truly chat about the dark side. The crop underground and never seen day in and day out. Yep, the carrots! It is always a mystery of the growth until the day of harvest. Year after year, we never know the yield we will receive nor the size of each, yet there is always growth happening below the surface.

Photo by Markus Spiske on

Life has often been like this for me. The dark side of life-death, change, health issues, daily struggles, loss, deception, and the list continues-all the things hidden away in my heart which the world sees as agents of destruction while outwardly (on the surface) all seems fine and well. (The tops of the carrots are so pretty and green)

Like our prized carrots, I have learned the secret to growing in the darkness. (Yes, by trial & error)

  1. In the darkness, God is in control. My reliance and focus are on Him because I must rely on faith and His will. He directs my path-growth-size, etc.
  2. My inner transparency is protected from the surface elements the world offers. Yes, this earth has a million and one solutions to our problems, but only the Lord can provide true safety and shelter.
  3. God’s maturity in His children is not always seen as appealing like those red, ripe tomatoes or those luscious squash. What He is doing inside of our hearts is much like the transformation of that small, small seed. Our struggles become a testimony-just like that beautiful carrot-a demonstration of growth in the darkness.  
  4. Only God can produce an abundance of goodness from the dark side of life but it is dependent upon our reliance on Him through the trials.  

Just food for thought as I process the carrots.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on

What type of veggie can you identify with when reflecting on your growth with God?


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