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Stymied Perception

Refined Vision

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2

Has anything ever obstructed your line of vision? All you wanted was a clear view. Maybe it was a crowd of people impeding your full focus on the lead singer at a concert or a mass of cars preventing you from spying the main traffic jam culprit. Regardless, what you longed to observe was muddled at best. Your sharp, distinct view is but a wish.       

When we moved outside of town, my husband diligently began pruning. It was quite the undertaking to remove yucca, prickly pear, and thorny shrub, but we agreed they had to go. However, the elimination of cedar was based on “standing in the way of” our vision. The view beyond our property was what attracted us to the area. So, it made sense why we wouldn’t allow anything to interfere.

I’ve often pondered my view of God. In Proverbs 3:5, God reminds me to not lean on my own understanding but to fully trust Him in all things. It wasn’t until I found myself in a pit of darkness that I finally called out the verse Matthew 20:33, “Lord, open my eyes. I need to really see YOU!” I longed for clarity, precise distinction, and pure vision of God because the enemy had obstructed my view. Confusion and lack of focus seemed to be my everyday state of mind. I could barely discern good from bad. I questioned whether I truly believed God was able to resolve this raging life storm.  

God allowed me to realize over time what was blocking my vision was basically me! My way of thinking was unlike His perspective. All I could see was a worldly scene of the here and now. As I embraced Colossians 3:2, I knew my mental thoughts needed an overhaul and I had to align my mind to the mind of Christ.

Heavenly thinking begins with complete surrender to the authority of God. God’s perspective does not match ours. If there is a part of you wondering how valid this statement is, try this…Is there someone in your life grating on your nerves? Is it all you can do to even “like” them on a good day? Pray this prayer. Father God, allow me to see (       ) the way you do. Keep praying that prayer every time you feel you can no longer handle the “sandpaper” person. If you want to really seek after God’s perspective, pray Father God, allow me to love (       ) the way you do.

God changed my view several times by sincerely praying that simple prayer. I’ll refrain from sharing because I want to hear your results once you put it into practice. Come back and leave a comment. I have a feeling your viewpoint may be supernaturally altered.

Embrace refinement within your heart and long for a clear view of who God really is. I leave you with 1 Samuel 16:7b…For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks of the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. God’s heart is precisely for you 24/7.

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