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March Madness may have a different meaning in history for the year 2020. COVID-19 has caused a panic internationally. The wide-reaching virus has caused universal speculation and alarm. It has recently been referred to as a global pandemic. I believe the last count I read was 100,000 people infected worldwide with over 4,000 deaths.

Many are surprised to see the extreme self-preservation measures taken over the past two weeks since the virus has tripled in number. Travel restrictions are rolling out and cleaning procedures are being heightened. Although some say these are reactionary measures based on fear, it is reassuring to see authorities expressing concern for those under their influence.

However, these types of situations are often frustrating due to the conjecture and panic the media portrays. It truly concerns me when the upcoming generation witnesses a frightened society exhibiting extreme irrational behavior. I am not suggesting we take COVID-19 lightly, but I am proposing for the knowledge about the virus to be based on true facts. What is its main cause? What are some rational prevention steps to take? How can we respond?

Fear and panic were definitely emotions throughout my childhood. I can effortlessly recall all the physical outcomes I endured due to these triggers. And it was always because of concern for someone’s life being severely hurt. An alarm would ring throughout my mind, body, and soul and worry would bring on fright, distress, and absolute terror. I learned how to panic, shutdown, and be irrational because I didn’t know any different.

Through years of healing and assistance, I have mellowed tremendously and slowly learned to be cautious in my reactions. Honestly, years ago this recent virus news would have sent me into a tailspin. 

Times like these truly give me an opportunity to display where I place my faith and who I really fear. I believe fear is a two-sided coin. Fear of God or Fear without God. Heads you win, tails you lose.

There is reverence for the Almighty Father who loves beyond compare.  Hebrews 12: 28-29There is no hope. Ephesians 2:12
God’s love overcomes earthly fears.
1 John 4:18
Fear without faith in God’s power is unprofitable. Matthew 25:25
God’s peace allows us to remain steadfast. 2 Timothy 1:7Worry only subtracts from life. Luke 12:25

While going through 2020’s March madness, I will place my faith in God. I will cling to Isaiah 41:10 and remind myself that God is beside me, strengthening and assisting in times of fear. I will stand on His word and claim God as my refuge during this troubled time. (Psalm 46). May we all remember Philippians 4:7 and rely on God’s peace to calm our hearts and minds.

God is on His throne and He knows our earthly struggles. Find comfort in God’s Word and adhere to His goodness. May we be His unfaltering light as we walk through the days ahead. Let us pray for the victims of COVID-19 as of today and in the weeks to come.

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  1. Genna, I am kind of confused. I don’t know who likes my comment. What I do know is that I have been treading water. I have some issues I cannot resolve, and your posts bring me to deep thought, sometimes about my issues. Other times about others dealings and farings in the world. Thank you!


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