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Manifested Loyalty

But Ruth replied, “Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. Ruth 1:16

Happy Saturday friends! Our world has been turned upside down over the past couple of weeks and has shown to be an ever changing environment. Who would have ever thought we would be social distancing and desperate for essential items? (even medical facilities are short on masks) It seems like the world is on pins and needles when trying to deal with the unknown future.

Yet, this week I have seen faithfulness shown over and over. It has been heartwarming to see people show loyalty to others without it benefitting themselves. Such a different view than the “ever man for himself” view displayed as empty shelves, lack of goods, and heightened emotions.   

The love of Christ and respect for others was demonstrated when I witnessed:

1. Someone donating many rolls of toilet paper for those who may have a need instead of hording.

2. A friend willing to shop hop with you during lunch to find eggs for your husband’s birthday meal.

3. A college student assisted a couple unable to pick up a Walmart order during workhours by picking it up, delivering it, and even putting the cold/frozen items away!  (who does that?)

4. A church secretary taking toilet paper to a family who was running low and two of the family members had just undergone surgery in the past five days.

5. Administrators carrying out social distancing procedures and working out remote systems.

6. Employees putting in long hours without extra compensation.

7. People holding doors for others who were trying to leave the store with what they could possibly find with kids in tow.

8. Phone calls, emails and text messages-checking in with others and making sure everyone is doing okay.

9. Less comings and goings on the roads because people are following the health officials’ mandates/suggestions.

10. A doctor cancelling his family’s ski trip due to his concerns for his patients and their needs.

11. People dedicated to prayer and setting aside time every night at 7:00 p.m. to specifically pray for the coronavirus issues.

12. Social media postings thanking local medical staff.

13. Parents understanding the struggle of educating through online means and teachers scrambling to roll out online instruction.

14. Business owners following regulations despite profit concerns.

15. Restaurants giving away hand sanitizing wipes and/or toilet paper with orders.

16. Food facilities willing to sell eggs and bread to the public without price gouging.

17. Government officials taking things serious and unifying their efforts.

18. A teenage boy warming up lunch for his mother who is working from home.

And the list goes on and on…

I love seeing loyalty in action and not mere words. God brought faithfulness to mind this week when reading the book of Ruth. Her story highlights unselfishness and dedication. She stayed true to her family and did whatever was required. Ruth placed Naomi’s needs before her own and God showed faithful to meet their needs.

How is God using this time to resurrect your loyalty and faith in Him? Are you witnessing acts of love and concern during the COVID-19 outbreak? Take time to reflect on your personal journey and don’t forget to acknowledge kindness and the outpouring of love you see all around. May it inspire you to do likewise.

I know it has for me!  

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  1. Thank you Genna! I have been out and about a few times. I witnessed a young man prying an older man out of a car that had been in a 3 car collision the other day. Gasoline was leaking from the car. I have family members putting in long hours at work including a pick up only restaurant. I saw my pet store make place on line and pick up easy. I saw Walmart allow Seniors only in to shop at early hours. I have seen my Governor post updates everyday Live through streaming. I have enjoyed the silence on the usually busy thouroughfare at the East side of my yard. I have seen my school district serve breakfast and lunch to school kids that are hungry in brown bags. I have just been taking it all in and praising God I have not contracted anything bad. Please pray for my daughter Timberly. She still has to work. She works at a sub sandwich store. She is working 6 days a week. My job is for the local library. Last Sunday was our last day open. This is just unfathomable for me, but I am learning to enjoy the calm and spending time with God. Hope you are staying healthy, and enjoying the tranquility that comes from being at home!


    1. It is so comforting to see and hear all the acts of kindness shown during this health crisis. I pray this brings a renewal in our world and a hunger for God more than ever before. So good to hear from you Lori!


      1. Genna, I signed up for Regina Yoder’s Bible Journaling Bootcamp. I was given a link for a friend to join for free minus the goody bag. If you are interested in attending, I need your email address so I can forward you the link. God put you on my heart to ask.


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