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God Word: Physical Dimension

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Welcome back to the six weeks series regarding the dimensions of life presented in the book One Word. These posts are designed to assist you in living out your God Word. I hope you enjoyed the spiritual dimension writing in week one.    

Week 2: Physical

What does physical mean? The term is referring to those things of the body and not of the mind. In Greek, the word is soma (body). Our physical beings need nourishment to thrive and require work on our part to maintain.  

In order to examine the physical impact of our God Word, the focus is two-fold: 1) taking care of our bodies and 2) developing reliance on the Lord for physical strength and healing beyond our control.

The physical dimension is an area where we have to: 1) exercise our obedience to the Lord by physically taking the steps necessary to take care of our body’s wellbeing and 2) increase our faith and belief in God when things are beyond our physical abilities and limitations.

Paul spoke about the physical body in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20: “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you?…Therefore honor God with your body.” The Lord wants us to utilize our bodies for the furtherance of His kingdom. He never designed us physically to indulge in selfish pleasures which abuse His creation. (Yes, that means my overeating dark chocolate too!)

God wants us energized and fully capable of doing His work with a pure, clean heart. This can never happen when we use our bodies in unhealthy ways and/or fill our bodies with non-nourishing elements. So, exercise and a proper diet aligns with the Father’s plans. However, because we were loving given a freewill, the choice is up to us. Remember, if we ignore exercise and dieting or even take it to the extreme opposite spectrum, either way it becomes a “me” idol.  

Now let’s chat about the fact that the body needs rest. If you actually sleep eight hours every night of the week, then 33% of your life would be spent on snoozing. No wonder we become lifeless and weary. How many of us truly receive the slumbering hours we need on a regular basis? “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 ESV.

Next is the physical strength and healing beyond our control. Our bodies are susceptible to illness, injury, and failure. Although it is our responsibility to be proactive, many times there are things we experience physically-cancer, accidents, diseases, hereditary failures, pandemics, etc. It makes us stop and ask, “How much faith do I have in God’s miraculous power?” Boy does this put us to the test when we are in a physical battle or one of our family members experiences severe health issues. Our faith is definitely examined.   

Application: Take a close look at your God Word and decipher how it applies to your physical health. Is there something physically the Lord wants you to focus upon over the twelve-month timeframe?

How does your God Word help you physically? Does it keep you mindful of being energized for God? Can your God Word heighten your awareness of taking care of God’s temple? How can you apply it to your daily living and deepen your spiritual walk?

For example, my God Word is posture. Physically for me that means: Improving upon my physical posture (yes, it is poor at best). Keeping an open posture to exercising and healthy eating. Relying on God’s timing for a knee surgery I need, positioning myself in healthy environments, and disciplining myself more consistently. I have some serious work to do!

Accountability: Accountability is putting your feet to the fire. How will you stay healthy, get enough rest, maintain consistency with exercise, and keep physically strong? You may need to reach out to an “iron sharpens iron” friend and let them hold you accountable. Some find keeping a journal keeps them accountable. Exam your priorities and find time for your physical health.

Assessment: Periodically revisit those hard questions in your quiet time with the Lord. How am I measuring up physically according to your will? Where do I need to apply my God Word more to increase my faith? Be open to the Holy Spirit’s promptings about your physical body. 

Take an honest look inwardly. Allow your downfalls to inspire you to get back up and keep moving forward. God gave you a special God Word for this season of life. Dig deep and focus on the physical impact associated with your God Word. Embrace your physical dimension and let Him guide you.

Let us draw closer to our Heavenly Father through utilizing our God Word.

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