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God Word: Emotional Dimension

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Thanks for visiting as we continue the series regarding the life dimensions presented in the book One Word. Your God Word has a way of impacting every aspect of your life over time. It is important to allow this word to refine the way you live and bring you closer to the Lord. I hope you have had an opportunity to reflect upon the spiritual and physical impact of your God Word.     

Week 3: Emotional

What does emotional mean? The term refers to the feelings we have-usually based our reaction and directed towards a specific object. Webster says that our emotions are “typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body”.

We are all very aware of emotions such as fear, anger, excitement, sadness, disgust. . .and the effects of each. Our feelings are a basic part of our makeup and we need to recognize all the factors involved. For example, if I am feeling extremely happy, I am more apt to be smiling or if I am feeling extremely angry, I am more quickly to grumble and/or complain.

There are times when emotions can get the best of us and run wild. No doubt, they can sometimes be complex, problematic, and difficult to navigate. It is helpful if we can call them by name and know how to rationally deal with all-good, bad, & the ugly. However, in the heat of the moment-well you know! Rationality takes a backseat for me many times when I have raging emotions.  

God wants us to have an emotionally healthy life. He trusts us to manage our feelings and strive to achieve emotional maturity. The Lord gave us a spectrum of emotions to experience, but I am sure He never intended for them to completely overrun our ability to be steadfast with our behavior. Those crazy things can cause us to sin faster than a speeding bullet if we allow them to do so.   

You have heard the phrase “a-work-in-progress”-well that can easily be applied to the emotional dimension of life. It takes progressive steps to acquire the skills needed to attain emotional development. We have to take responsibility for our behavior and assess our actions and reactions when caught off-guard by our emotions. As we mature, we learn how to cope with emotions and how to handle the destructive ones.

Here is a Healthline article to continue reading about emotional health:  

Application: How can your God Word impact your emotional health? Is there an area where you struggle with your feelings? Are you quick to bite back? Is your fuse a little too short? Do you only want to live in a world of “happiness” to the point you shy away from reality? Can you give yourself a break? Are you able to recognize your emotional overload?

Applying your God Word is being mindful of one’s feelings, emotional triggers, and coping mechanisms. It is basically learning to be a good manager of the spectrum of your feelings and knowing the consequences involved.

Accountability: Although I know the WWJD saying is a little less popular in society, it is still my go-to when I think about managing my actions and reactions associated with my emotions. We have to contemplate how to hold ourselves accountable. Many times, the Holy Spirit convicts me of my wrong doings and I have to reevaluate how I handled a situation. (Usually it is my improper control over my feelings).

Think about today’s world. If we all had the WWJD stance, maybe the riots, damaging demonstrations, and destructive behavior might not be as big of an issue. Just maybe we would be less concerned about ourselves and what is in it for us. Mull it over.

Do you need accountability in becoming emotionally healthy? What steps are you willing to take? How can your God Word keep you focused in growing in emotional maturity? 

Assessment: I think the biggest part of assessment is owning up to failure. Yeah, the word we don’t like to address. Taking ownership of our actions and eating crow when we mess up. Being self-aware of our varied emotional states and being proactive in finding wholesome ways to respond can assist in measuring our own performance. Even seeing our associated actions/reactions from a different point of view can help. Overall, I find my best assessment is through the reading of Scripture and being open to what the Holy Spirit reveals.   

Father God, help us fully utilize the emotional impact of our God Word to bring you praise!

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  1. Another great article, Genna! Hope you’re having a good fall. We’re still ordering, receiving and documenting tools from the fire last year. I’m so tired of it…it’s not “eternal” but we have a deadline.

    Love you,

    Janet Crossland Sent from my iPhone



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